Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time?

Sleep is the source of your power. But getting high-quality sleep is harder than it looks. You can’t always lie down, shut off your brain, and drift off for eight to nine hours of uninterrupted rest. You must learn how to sleep well if you want to harness your true power and reach your highest potential. In Powerful Sleep, author, motivational speaker, and national board-certified health and wellness coach Shawna M. Robins will teach you how to:

· Develop the best nutrition and exercise for optimal sleep

· Heal your addiction to caffeine

· Calm your mind

· Balance your hormones

· Sleep without prescription drugs

· Fix your gut issues

· Create a successful sleep sanctuary

· Banish the desire to “have it all”

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    Anyone who has struggled with sleep issues will find useful nuggets and helpful tips in this fabulous, easy-to-read book. Author Shawna M. Robins dives into many solutions that are easy to follow and implement. She does a great job addressing supplements, current diet and nutrition trends and technology that is both useful and detrimental to establishing healthy sleep habits.”

    Charmian T.


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